Live simply. Live Soboku Life


Are you longing for a life simplified? It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. It’s finding what makes sense for you.  

Everyone wants wellness regardless of age; young, old, and everywhere between. Wellness is not only physical but also financial.

We often know what it would take, but we are often unable to find time to take necessary actions.

If you feel lost, or no clue where to start, I can help you find your wellness and keep it.

“Keiko is one of the best, most caring and trustworthy people I know. Her [Essentrics®] classes are among the best things you can do to care for your health and happiness.” – Kelli

Body Wellness

with Essentrics®

While maybe fun, training like a pro athlete isn’t sustainable. Fitness is useful only if it allows you to enjoy your everyday life. With sustainable fitness we can thrive, continuing what we love for the rest of our lives, whether hiking, traveling, gardening, biking, running, playing sports, or playing with our family.

Money Wellness

become DEBT FREE

Have you not looked at your financials very closely (or at all…) because either you are afraid of knowing what you find or you are simply afraid of numbers? You are not alone! What that also means is that it is very likely to have a simple solution for you to love your bank account, not be afraid of it.

Job Wellness

work better, not harder

You can love and work hard at your job, but it doesn’t mean you have to work all the time and sacrifice your family, friends, and personal goals. Let’s stop feeling guilty about not being home when at work, and feeling guilty not working when at home. Maybe you will find extra time to invest in your health. 😉

There really isn’t a stupid question.

If you ask, anyone who knows me would say I ask a lot of questions. A LOT.  If what I am saying above sounds all interesting but unsure whether I can be at all helpful to you, drop a message including your story, and I will let you know if I can be or not. I don’t want to take your time or money if I am no use for you. Be sure to check your spam and junk mail folders for the next few business days – I always reply!

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