Live modestly.

Live soboku life.


Just because we can, doesn’t always mean we should. Living modestly keeps you grounded and help you appreciate small things and find joy in every day moment.

We want nice things. We want our home to be spacious, and we want to live comfortably. 

“Comfortable” is a funny word, as it likes to move away as we get closer to it, just like a rainbow moves away as you walk towards it.

It starts from having a roof over our head, shoes under our feet, warm food to fill our belly.  

At some point, “comfort” grows from that to lavish and excessive. Once you settle there, it’s hard to go back to the original “comfort” you had felt years before.

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Einstein Quote


If you want your life is to be simple, modest living is a key to worrying less and keeping the ability to see the joy in everyday life.

Modest living is also a friend to the earth. Leave a fewer footprint.

Living below your mean allows you to give more generously. Share the wealth. Share your fortune with the less fortunate.

To live modestly, you do have to take care of a few things – body wellness, wallet wellness, and workplace wellness.

Body Wellness

with Essentrics®

Everything becomes more challenging when we are not well. If you are not well, you will have medical expenses. To pay for the expenses, you need to work. But when you are not well, you may not be able to work to pay any bills.  It all starts here with body wellness.

Wallet Wellness


Give Generously.

Modest living is not to spend money you don’t have.  You don’t have to be rich to give generously either.  Learn how to clean up debts, save money, and give generously even if you don’t make more.

Workplace Wellness

Work smarter, not harder.

Do you feel guilty about not being home while you work and feel guilty about not working when you are at home?  Do you feel like you are always helping others’ projects and priorities and your to-do list is bigger at the end of the day? This endless cycle is in your way of peace at home and work.  

There really isn’t a stupid question.

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