I’m Keiko,

a Wellness Sustainability Guide. 

I help everyday people who long to find calm and sanity in their physical, financial, and career wellness management.

Seems like I have been put in a “leader” role my entire life, from grade school all the way through now.  Often times I was voluntoled (as my friend Patti would say, meaning someone nominated me), probably because I had a tendency to be a bit bossy and geeky, even from younger age.  I know my husband would quantify my bossiness differently.

I recently had a boss who, for the first time in my career, challenged and guided me not to work overtime. That was an eye opening experience.  She also guided me to restructure my new team, which was a heck of a learning process with serious growth pain.  But I stopped working 60hr weeks and started to go on vacations without taking my work with me.

Freed up time came right at the time when I discovered Essentrics®, which halted my rapid premature aging process and showed me what good health FELT like.  I had always considered the LOOKS to be as important for good health, but I now know FEELING is 1000 times more important.  When I learned about their certification program, I signed up without hesitation. I had managed to be debt free by then (except for my mortgage), so I had extra saving that would allow me to pursue this new exciting adventure.  You’d be surprised.  It’s not cheap to be a fitness instructor.

okay, but, who is Keiko?

I grew up in a small town in Japan.  It’s so small that there are only 2 trafic lights: one is always blinking yellow light, and the other only 2 blocks away from that light.  My world was so small that my dream was “to go to college”, according to my 6th grade class book.  I didn’t think too far ahead.  Now I think about it, me going to college was very important to my parents. And I think I knew that.  I wanted to make them proud.

I came to the U.S. to study English. It was supposed to be a one-year plan. Many years later, I consider myself a local in this 2nd home.  

I am no doubt an introvert who has learned to adapt. My personality is, according to my good friend Kumi, “as if a bamboo split in half”.  There are no lines to read in between when I communicate.

I care greatly about our planet, animals, and anyone who tend to be overlooked.  I am all about sustainability not only for the environment, but also for our health and wealth.