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Cutting through a long line at the airport

I travel internationally to visit my parents annually.  Traveling is mostly exciting but can be very stressful at the same time. Delays are common, long lines are more common, and lines are especially longer when you are late. So, here are the latest tips for...

You’ll never see yourself go through the elusive colorful arches

I chased rainbows all day yesterday.  The first one was in the morning when I left the studio after teaching a Saturday morning class.  In the afternoon there was one on our way to a holiday bazaar featuring local artists. My husband and I like taking an old road...

Smoothie Recipes

Have you tried using tofu in your smoothie? It’s a great alternative to any type of milk.

Seasons of Space We Live In

"Season" is the word often used to describe stage of your life. What season are you in personally or professionally? You would be in different seasons as no one on this earth is stuck in one season. The difference between seasons may look vastly large for some.  Or...

Lift Others Up

Lift Others Up

We want a fulfilling life. Not a life filled with stuff. But how do we get that? 2020 was an extremely educational year for personal growth. Like most people, I turned to online searching for answers. Among loud noise, I kept hearing an even louder message - help...

S O B O K U: Living Simply

S O B O K U: Living Simply

Do you desire a simplified life? I have been thinking about what my purpose is. Who I am. I am super adaptable to changing environments. Maybe you are, too. If you are, have you noticed that your heart doesn't adapt much? Your heart stays constant. Sure, we change our...

Discover SOBOKU life

Want to simplify your life in body, money, and job wellness but you have no idea where to even start? Let’s discover your possibilities first, and then go from there.

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