Build strength while being kind to your body

Our body wants to be moved, in respectful way.

Stretch program that strengthens and makes joints healthier


Have you ever said to yourself, "I am too out of shape to join the gym"? Do you wish to avoid surgeries as much as possible?

I have said it, and I wish to joint replacementment surgeries. And I am telling you, Essentrics is the answer for you and I.




It’s amazing how movements can help so much of our health issues. Benefits are countless. The outlook of life becomes brighter when we feel good.

Countless benefits are not limited to:

Strength | Flexibility | Mobility

Pain-relief | Rehabilitative | Balance

Circulation | Respiratory

Conditioning and Strengthening

Pro and amateur athletes are often surprised to learn they have weakness in their body despite their rigorous training. Essentrics’ approach to engage and liberate all joints and muscles tap into your true potential while balancing out the overtrained muscles with some tension release. 

Improved flexibility in all muscles and joints mean injury prevention, while gentle movements assist speedy recovery from injuries.

Kind and Respectful to our body

“No Pain, EVER.” Pain is a way to protect us from harming ourselves. By respecting the signal and paying attention to it, we allow our body to let its guard down to free us into movements. Essentrics’ technique doesn’t over stress one muscle or joints – it gently challenges all of them equally.

In-Studio Group Class

Try out an in-person class to see what Essentrics® is about without a big commitment.

Studio experience gives you

  • direct feedback
  • all the room you need
  • time away from home obligations
  • time to focus on you
  • a community feel (it's a tiny group, if you like that)

Current Schedule

SAT 8:00-9:00 am (PST)

307 N. Main St.  Ellensburg, WA


Please check the most current schedule by clicking below




$10/mo saving when signing up for a 4-week session if you intend to come every weekend.

You just show up and no worry about sign up each time!

Group Class

Essentrics® offers many great benefits when performed regularly.  Sign up for a themed session: 3+ times a week for 4 weeks, focusing on one specific objective for maximum results, while still getting a full-body exercise.

One Session gives you to access all classes for the month. It includes Saturday classes that are offered both in-person and online. No extra cost to come to the studio during the month if you have signed up for the session.

Current Schedule

TUE  6:30-7:30 am (PST) - online only

THU 6:30-7:30 am (PST) - online only

SAT  8:00-9:00 am (PST) - hybrid


Please check the most current schedule by clicking below.


Private Class


Online so that you can save time driving and spend more time doing what helps your body.

You name the time and date that works best for you, rather than struggling to fit someone else's schedule fit to yours.  You choose the focus for the session. If you like, can pick what we focus on for you, once I receive your intake form after signup. 

I offer in-person private classes case by case to established clients. Please contact me for more questions.



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Miranda Esmonde-White Barre exercise

  Corporate Wellness

Host a Stress Relief or a Pain Relief Class for your employees.

A great program to incorporate into your offsite meetings and team building.

Miranda Esmonde-White Barre exercise

  Special Events

Add a movement snack to your special event!

  • Weekend Retreat
  • Girls Night
  • Book Club
  • Fund Raiser
  • …any other occasions!
Miranda Esmonde-White Barre exercise

  Stretch Coaching

Invest in quality stretching to keep the players off the bench & reserve and on the fields longer. Instead of having “off” days, add active stretching to maintain the strength built on the “on” days while allowing recovery to take place.

What people are saying

I help my elderly mother; so am frequently dealing with wheelchairs, walkers and helping her in and out of the car…Through working with Keiko, these motions have gone from being a challenge to things I can do without pain or feeling like it’s beyond my capability.  Essentrics is an ongoing investment in my health and well-being.


I like knowing I’m firing every muscle during each session while never jumping or compressing my spine. My chronic sciatica has resolved since consistently releasing the fascia and strengthening all my muscles. Anyone any age can do these movements without fear of injury. 


I’m an avid bicycle rider, routinely lift weights and consider myself in good shape yet Keiko’s seemingly easy sessions make me sweat. Low impact while strengthening all the little muscles along with the core is amazing. Keiko does a great job of describing the how and the why of each movement all the while keeping her eye on each participant reminding us of proper form to prevent injury. With the combination of core strengthening and spine elongation people notice I’m actually taller.


I had chronic pain and had tried several different healing methods. The injury was in my shoulder and really limited my mobility as well as gave me constant discomfort and pain.

Within 3-4 classes my pain was reduced by 80% and I received my mobility back. It all worked together, stretching deeply, breathing deeply and doing something very slowly, allowing my body to heal….I highly recommend this form of exercise,


Who is Essentrics for?

It's for anyone with a body.  It's been practiced by from a chronic pain patient to an professional and olympic athlete.  It's great for little kids as well as for their grandparents.

***Anyone starting any new workout program should consult with their physicians first.***

Is Essentrics like Yoga?

The biggest difference is that we are constantly moving instead of holding a pose. If a yoga pose is a destination, Essentrics is a never ending journey during which you pass through many exciting stages.

What do I need to bring to a class?

A sturdy & stable chair (such as a dining chair with a high back), a golf towel or a theraband (not a looped kind), a cushion or a folded bath towel, and a yoga mat. Some examples of equipments are listed in my Resource page.

Can I use my phone for web cam when taking a online class?

Idealy a computer screen or even TV screen is the best. A tablet screen is okay. But if a phone is the only option, I recommend that it is in landscape (on its side) and it is setup so that you can move it around as needed.

What Should I Wear?

No shoes, no socks. Tops and Bottoms should not at all restrict your movements. NO jeans, including stretchy jeans. Best if your ankles are visible.

Can I add hand weights?

NO. No on ankle or wrist weights, either.  Essentrics is a body weight training that allows a safe, injury free workout.  It is not designed to be safe when additional weights are added.  NEVER use extra weights during Essentrics workout.

There is no quick fix

I offer no magic bullet.  YOU are already one.

I have seen several of my students get results within a few weeks with regular attendance.  My students have found benefits and pain relief that they didn’t even expect.  Some even were able to avoid surgeries.

We forget that the change we had seen was because we were giving our body a new environment, therefore it adapted. Unless we continue our wellness journey on a consistent basis, the gain from the few weeks is lost, as the body adapts back to what it was before.

You have to upkeep it.  You must invest in your future health.

If you aren’t still sure about a long-term commitment, it shouldn’t still stop you from experiencing the wonder of this program at least once. However, if you give this program a try and stick to it for at least 3 months, the reward you will feel will be incredible. You will also wish you had tried this program years sooner.