These are my recommended materials to self-help and/or compliment your health journey.


Very first book Miranda wrote. She walks you through science of aging, and how that can be on your side when you try to reverse premature aging. 

I like this one the best. It features remarkable stories of people who were suffering from deliberating pain and how they have gotten better through movements.  It’s very encouraging to hear these stories.

In addition to the theory and science behind how to reverse premature aging, this book gives you more specific guide how to go about it. It includes self-questionare, which is very important part of healing process.

Workout DVDs

For beginners

Make sure you consult your physician before you are starting any new exercise program.

Mobility | Bone Strength | Posture | Pain Relief

My very first Essentrics Exercise I did was Pain Relief. I did that daily for 30 days. Then I added Posture, which was more challenging but helped me gain strength and improve posture.

Extra Extra gentle. Variety of workouts, including short hand and feet specific workouts are great option as you may not be ready to do a lot of workout in one sweep yet.

3 different instructors, 3 differnt workouts. If you need a real good instruction how to do the movements, this is an great option.

For active indiduals

Make sure you consult your physician before you are starting any new exercise program.

My favorite because this is my first Classical Stretch. This was my 2nd step after I had done Aging Backwards workouts for over 2 months.  Plenty of stretch and pain relief workout while fun cardio workouts you can sweat with.

Newest release as of December 2020. Variety of workout from different seasons and videos.  Great way to sample. 

If you tend to get bored, this is a great option. Workout with Miranda in a beautiful landscape, wide range of workouts from pain relief to back strengthening.

Workout Equipment

These are tools to help you exercise in the proper alignment, therefore you target the right muscles for maximum results while avoiding injuries.

More economical option than the Yoga Brick listed next. You may need more than 1, but probably no more than 2.

Alternative: thick books or anything else that can raise you off the floor during floor exercise.

This is what I provide in the studio. Note: this picture is navy blue, but it’s a lot lighter, like the picture left to this one. You may need to get 2 or even more. usually 1 or 2 is all you need. 

Alternative: thick books or anything else that can raise you off the floor during floor exercise.

Versatile: under your hip bone when we lay on our side on the floor, under our head for proper spine alignment. Helps to make exercise more comfortable so that you can target proper muscles effectively.

Alternative: folded bath towel/blanket, cushion, pillow, etc.

I don’t have a specific mat to recommend.  One important thing to consider is thickness.

1/8″ is ideal as it gives you stability during standing exercises, and a little cushion if you have foot pain.

1/4″ is ideal for floor exercises to give a nice padding for your spine.

I use 1/4″. I find 1/4″ is a bit too thick for standing, but 1/4″ is perfect for floor.

If your mat is thicker than 1/4″, skip the mat for standing exercise. You will be too wobbly.

If your floor is thick carpet, go with 1/8″ for better stability. (some flooring material, including carpet, can be slipperly and unsafe to exercise without a mat).

I got one with 1/8″ thickness that costed me less than $10 and is from a discount grocery store.  I paid $38 for a 1/4″ and isn’t that much better. It’s all preference. Manduka brand was recommended by some fellow Essentrics Instructors.

For Essentrics’ class purpose, I recommend black or blue (both heavier duty).

Latex material. For those who are allergic to latex, a non-latex option is listed next.

Alternative: a golf towel (narrow and long towel. Kitchen towel is too short. Bath towel is too big)

Non-latex option. 3-color set. Blue=heavy, Black = extra heavy, Silver =super heavy (heavy=more resistance.) You are likely to use blue in this set. non-latex isn’t as elastic as latex ones.

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