Supervisor Coaching

New to Supervising?  I’ll guide you in taking care of your people

Hiring and onboarding

This process is ever so critical as hiring well can be a time and energy saver instead of a guzzler of those valuable things. It is a time senstive activity yet not a place to cut corners. It’s your opportunity to build your dream team. Let’s get to work!

Manage your people

It’s often that you are now in a position of being a learder of your former peers. Being bossy is not the same as being a leader. Learn the difference, or your team will resent you.

Manage yourself

You are probably feeling a pressure of proving yourself in this new position yet a bit overwhelmed as well as lost.  Let’s get the feeling under control so that you can start gaining ground and develop as a respected supervisor.

Need help right now?

Even experienced supervisors cut corners to fill a position quickly only to find out they have to redo. “But I don’t have time!”, you may say. You are right. And you also cannot afford to redo either. So what do we do? How do we hire an ideal team member quickly without cutting corners?


How To Hire - A new supervisor's guide

My Track Record

I have no HR degree. I have experience I can speak from.

Block Leader

Class Vice President

Class Secretary

Club Captain

Meat Packer

Sushi Packer

Assembly line worker


Cafeteria server

Catering Assistant



Store Manager


Sales Assistant


Team Lead

Why I am passionate about mentoring new Supervisors.

Being great at what your original job isn’t a qualification for a supervisor job. It’s not even the same category of a job.  But many companies make a wrong assumption that it is.

Some new supervisors do fine but most struggle, usually because there is little to no training or support provided. A great employee who struggles with the new position could experience burnout or complete failure. A great employee placed under an untrained, un-guided supervisor could also experience burnout or loss of interest in the job.

Supervisors’ jobs often come with day-to-day data entry-type activities and reporting deadlines to meet. The job description says “Manage the team”.  But you know by now, managing is too complex to summarize with one word!

This broken promotion system is killing amazing talents’ spirits and, it’s a problem in many workplaces that is occurring unchecked, harming the culture and employee morale.

If you are reading this, you are likely spending your own time in search for tools to improve your junior leadership skill.  This fact alone makes you light years ahead of many others already.  I am so ready to assist you in navigating through this new territory to get you on the track of becoming a great leader.


Supervise Me

Pick My Brain

You have a specific issue or challenges for which you need an advice or a sounding board and an honest response?  Our 45 minute ZOOM chat can be anything that you need. I guarantee that my response will not be sugar coated.  You will hear what I am thinking.



Discovery Call

Let’s not waste our limited time on basic questions. We’ll handle that via an intake form during signup.

The 60 minutes Discovery Call is reserved for the most important and urgent topic identified from the intake form. We’ll discuss and learn where you are, and figure out what your immediate training focus should be.  Based on the call, you will receive a high-level map for the upcoming year’s training plan, beyond your immediate training focus.



Customized Solution

Building on Discovery Call or Pick My Brain session, take it further by actively working together to make sure you are getting all the support you are needing as you grow into a respected supervisor.

We’ll meet 3 hours in total, whether you prefer to be 30 minute meeting or 60 minute meeting each.  We will set the rhythm that works for you and your training plan.**

After we finish our training together, I will leave you with updated training map you can follow to keep marching forward into excellence so that you can continue growing yourself and your future superstar team.

**we will complete the 3 hours within 8 weeks regardless



Grow your team!

Whether your team is of 2 or 20, supervisor’s job is help your team succeed collectively.  And that’s your success as well. Shift your focus onto your team’s success, and you will find clarity on what you need to do next.


“I am interestsed but not yet sure if you are the right help”

If this is you, drop a message with specific detail you have, and I will let you know if I can or not. Be sure to check spam and junk folder for the next few business days. I always respond!